Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Santa Rosa de Lima Catholic School -Schoolwide Learning Expectations


Santa Rosa de Lima Students are:

1. Welcoming - We act as stewards of creation who respond to the needs of each other, the community, and the world.

2. Academic - We are motivated learners who work towards personal growth and apply our skills to real life situations.

3. Responsible - We are accountable for working together, demonstrating leadership qualities, and making good moral judgments.

4. Respectful - We are responsible for our own actions, for 

working together, and for demonstrating leadership qualities.

5. Innovative - We are creative thinkers who exhibit curiosity, 

enthusiasm, and take initiative to solve problems.

6. Optimistic - We are thoughtful students who show love for our education, school, community, and family.

7. Religious - We are followers of Christ who live the Gospels’ message and participate in our community through prayer, worship, sacraments, and service projects.

8. Self-Aware - We are spiritually, mentally, and physically 

well-rounded individuals who maintain a positive balance between school and personal time.